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A Bit About Me


Welcome to Small Farm and Homesteading online blog and vlog page. My name is Pete and for most of my adult life, I've wanted to live off of the land and be self-sufficient.  My only problem was figuring out how to do it.  Well, through my 20 years of "RESPONSIBLE" adulthood, I have some cool ideas (I may also have some bad ones). Please take the time look around read a blog, watch a video and buy some crap that looks cool (if I get a store up)! It's time to get into living off the land, having fun, and exploring the world around you!  

This page I plan to show you tips and steps on how to grow your own food, raise your own animals and make money off your small hobby farm!  I plan to have poultry processing and butchering equipment, gardening tools, and equine equipment and tack for sale.

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